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also, i use twitter much more than tumblr @vickkrob :)

May 6th 2013: How long after you’ve been seeing someone is it acceptable for them to ask you out? or if you’ve been seeing someone for ages and they’ve not said they want to be with you, is that allowed?
being with someone but not officially ‘being’ with them sucks. feels like i have to hide it from everyone. i’m definitely just an embarrassment :( worst feeling ever

Friday 8th Feb 2013: What is wrong with me. Seriously, I’m doing everything wrong. My head is so messed up, attempting to block everything out but jealously keep sneaking through.. I need to realise you can’t always get everything you want. As much as I may like him I can never love him and for that I shouldn’t get jealous of him moving on.

Monday 19th November 2012: Fucked everything up. Want to go home. Stupid uni. Stupid vickie.


i love uni, i love my flat mates but my flat is haunted oo

chilling in my haunted uni accomodation

i moooove to nottinghammm tomorroooow

first photo taken on my macbook

Sept 17th 2012: 4 days until i move to nottingham.. dad just said he ‘cant wait for me to leave because im a nasty person’ woo :(

7th Sept 2012: Realties just hit. In two weeks both me and Andrew will be off to uni. It’s not that I’m not excited, for both of us, it’s the thought of not seeing him for 4/6 weeks again. I don’t think I’m ready to relive last year all over again :(